Mission Statement

The Roses Project is a dynamic training project which tackles the issues of deprivation and social exclusion in young people through its highly effective personal development programmes.

The experiential training courses are tailored to provide an opportunity for each young person to learn about themselves and their capabilities through a challenging experience away from their everyday environments.

The aim is to respond to the interests and talents of each young person so that they will complete the course, having gained a level of achievement that creates a more positive attitude to themselves and others.

The method is to make a difference by extending their horizons, help to build their self-respect and so encourage them to develop positive personal relationships.

The ultimate goal is to nurture qualities and skills which are important throughout life. To achieve this youngsters will be expected to:

  • work as a member of a team in a challenging environment which fosters mutual respect an unselfishness
  • achieve goals using their initiative and by working co-operatively and constructively.
  • use challenges to promote self-respect, self-help and self-discipline within the group
  • take responsibility for their own decisions and actions


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